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International department

Fruzsina Takács

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The International Department of the Students’ Union is responsible for the integration and assistance of foreign students, as well as for the support of Hungarian students going abroad.

It is the youngest department of our organisation and therefore one of the most exciting activities. Basically, their work can be divided into two working groups:

International Student Club (ISC)

The working group responsible for the International Student Club deals with the integration of foreign students studying here. This includes events, activities and cultural evenings where students can get to know each other, each other’s culture, as well as the local customs, sights and people. In this way, the aim of the area is to forge a cohesive community for our international students and to enable them to fully integrate into the Corvinus student community.


The idea box of ISC

We, the International Students Club want to give you as much help and support as we can. If you have a concrete Idea, you have found other members in the project, and all what you needed is some help from people who know Hungary and the opportunities, then feel free to contact us.

Pleas answer the questions carefully, tell us details about your plan and your resources, and describe what do you need, what do you think, how could we help you?

  • Question 1: Name of the idea
  • Question 2: How much teammates do you have? Tell us about them.
  • Question 3: What is your Idea? Why do you think it would help the university?
  • Question 4: How could we help you? What is indispensable for your idea?





Internationalisation Working Group

The main task of the Internationalisation Working Group is to make the operational, academic or even public processes as smooth as possible for our international students. Their aim is to ensure that all curricula, information and content is available to students in English, which can make their university years easier in the future. In addition, this working group is also responsible for supporting Erasmus+ participants, whether they are foreign students studying in Hungary or Hungarian students travelling abroad.