Corvinus HÖK

More than advocacy. Find out everything about the organization!  


As Student Government, we deal with many public life and academic issues. We organize events, liven up student organization and college life, integrate international students, but above all, we represent student interests.  

We carry out these activities with the help of our 10 areas. Each area has a different main profile, and everyone can find their own area of interest among them.  

With more than 100 members, we are one of the largest student organizations at the University, so our joining members can get to know a unique community and a completely new group of friends. If you want to get a taste of our organizational life, visit our events and take a look at our offices in the student organization corridor!  


The presidency of HÖK is the organization’s highest decision-making layer. It consists of the President and two vice-presidents, who are responsible for 5 areas each. One of them brings together the areas of interest representation, while the other works with areas of management focus. The presidency sets the main direction of the organization, consults with the leaders of Corvinus and participates in the main university meetings.  

Transparency is a fundamental focal point of the organization. Therefore, you can view our draft budget on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Messenger, email or in person at office E.17. 

Our teams

Assembly of delegates

The new Board, which took office in this academic year – with the close cooperation and support of the University – renewed the Statutes, which were adopted by the Senate on February 8, 2022 and thus became legally binding.

Thanks to the changes, the Student Government’s main rule-making body, which oversees the work of the Student Government, has more powers than ever before, as the student delegates now elect the two vice-presidents in addition to the president. The Assembly of Delegates also has the opportunity to invite the management members of the Student Government to a hearing, who must give an account of their activities. In addition, the Assembly of Delegates can make resolutions on issues affecting the University.  

Public Life Scholarship Review Committee

You can get the public life scholarship if you represent the university with some outstanding performance, this includes participation in the student government, sports and academic competitions, or helping out at any university event. And the Public Life Scholarship Review Committee  deals with the evaluation of these scholarships.  

Student Organization Scholarship Review Committee

The Student Organization Scholarship Review Committee is a university committee that reviews student organization scholarships month by month and supervises their operation.  

It evaluates an average of 250-300 applications per month in the order of HUF 10 million. The process consists of several parts, and only in the rarest of cases does it change the recommendation of the leaders of the student organizations. Category “A” organizations are eligible for the student organization scholarship.  

The committee has 4 members, 3 from the Student Union and 1 university delegate, but this committee is completely independent from the Student Government in a legal sense and everyone who performs a task in the committee is fully responsible for their work.