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Hello discounts.

Download the app and discover our exclusive offers!

The Corvinus Discounts Program is a digital version of the discounts you already know and love, but these are different. Designed specifically for Corvinus students and employees, and adapted to the needs of the 21st century. As part of the integrated MyCorvinus feature, students arriving on campus can discover the buzz of the city through offers from our partners.

In the app you will find 3 types of discounts. Fixed price and percentage discounts allow you to buy for a certain amount or with a certain level of discount. You can also find some very creative offers in the special category.

Profiles give you the opportunity to get to know our Partners better. You can read their profiles and also check out their websites and social media platforms.

You can use the discounts at our Partners through an animated redemption screen. For online discounts, the function will take you to the relevant section of the webshop.

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