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The MyCorvinus app is currently the only platform in the country developed for the citizens of Corvinus University of Budapest, where students can view their results, grades, timetables and give feedback on their courses all in one place.

The University is paying particular attention to the development of this innovative platform, and as a result the range of available functions is constantly expanding. This is reflected in the fact that the application is already ranked 98th in the Education category of the App Store.

Why become a Corvinus Discounts Partner?

The innovative MyCorvinus platform reaches all active university citizens, which alone represents 5,000+ users. However, we are not satisfied with this, with the help of the Students’ Union and Corvinus Communications, we can reach all Corvinus students and staff, giving you 10,000+ potential customers and guests.

One of the primary goals of the MyCorvinus application and discount scheme is to provide Corvinus’ active students and employees with discounted opportunities. In addition, we want the app to serve as a compass for foreign and Hungarian students alike to navigate the hustle and bustle of Budapest. Whether it’s a delicious coffee, a tasty dessert, a mobility option or even car rental, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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