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Academic average

Description It is used for state support and also for the calculation of the Corvinus scholarship criteria. First, the grades achieved in the subjects completed are multiplied by their credit value and then divided by the total credits completed.
How it is calculated Academic average

Scholarship average

Description It is used to calculate the Erasmus+ score, the MNB Scholarship for Excellence and the Study Grant. It is also used to set the criteria level for the National Scholarship for Higher Education and the Corvinus Excellence Scholarship. It is calculated in the same way as the grade point average, except that a weighting of 1.2 is applied to compulsory and optional subjects.
How it is calculated Ösztöndíj átlag

Corvinus Scholarship

Description The amount of the training fee is reimbursed, for which enrolment is reviewed annually. It is calculated by multiplying the grades of the subjects completed by their credit value and then dividing by the total credits completed, but not less than 60.
How it is calculated Corvinus Ösztöndíj